Our Mission:

To be world class educational institutions in which excellence is achieved in a positive, ambitious, resilient and thoughtful environment.


Our Ethos:

The BePART Education Ethos is based on the principle that all students, no matter their starting point, can achieve excellence by adopting the values of positivity, ambition, resilience and through purposeful hard work.

We reject the belief that a finite number of students are gifted and that selection allows this group to achieve their superior potential.

Rather, we are shaped by the evidence that incontrovertibly attests to the fact that virtually all students can excel.

We recognise that some of the students that come to us will have had different experiences and a different quality of learning.

Our role is to determine what their current level of learning is and build from there.

We also know that developing character and values is as important as teaching subject knowledge and, to this end, we will work with our students to help develop the core values of the Trust in themselves and in their behaviour.


Our Values:

We are positive about the capacity of everyone in our community – staff and students.

We are positive about what those we work with can achieve and are therefore ambitious for them as well as ourselves.

A consequence of our positive beliefs and ambition is that it requires those we work with to take responsibility and to graft, to not give up, but to endeavour with grit and resilience.

Decency and reflection: we create an inclusive, tolerant environment and also make sure that our responses are considered having reflected on the evidence of a situation rather than an overly-emotional feeling.