13 April 2022

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The Birkenhead Park School has won a Silver Award from the respected Teacher Development Trust Network - a charity that helps schools to build upon their foundations of great teaching and leadership and develop further excellence in the teaching field.

Continuing professional development is a hugely important part of what happens at The Birkenhead Park School, and this award shows awareness of this and that it’s part of our long-term education plan involving all areas of the school. The dedication and commitment of the school’s teachers is the bedrock of our educational ethos, and taking part in the charity’s work further helps teachers to continually evolve in their teaching practice and offer the best guidance and support to students possible.

Our ethos is ‘Ambition & Excellence for All’ and this award recognises how these qualities run through everything that we do as a school, playing a pivotal role in enabling students to access the curriculum and achieve academic success.

Headteacher at The Birkenhead Park School, Mrs Johnson, said: “We never have any doubt about the outstanding quality, care, compassion and exemplary commitment that our teachers show each day, but our goal has got to be to continually build upon excellence. We are never happy to rest on our laurels and this award just proves that. 

“The more our teachers develop their abilities, the more the students ultimately benefit, and that’s what it’s all about: our promise is that we will always continue to grow and offer the best education in the local community to broaden students’ educational and personal horizons.”

Mrs Johnson concluded: “I am immensely proud of this recognition of our staff, and in turn our students.”